Harris Two-Ram Balers

Baling has never been easier or more profitable. Harris two ram balers are designed and built to withstand the extreme rigors of multiple applications while producing high density bales.

Meeting expectations

Harris understands your needs when it comes to two ram balers. This is why Harris is staying ahead of the industry in two ram technology to offer our customers top-of-the-line, modern equipment that will last in any application.

Strength, in Numbers

All Harris two ram balers are built with a solid uni-body sidewall construction. They are designed and built specifically as one piece to reduce weak points creating a more structurally sound machine for longer lifetime and greater reliability.

Keeping it Versatile

Compared with horizontal balers, two ram balers offer greater material processing flexibility. The completely enclosed, heavily reinforced baling chamber allows for easier processing of a wider range of materials.

EHD System Hydraulics

New Designs

Harris latest innovations in two ram technology has been focused in creating stronger, faster machines while reducing the overall energy consumption to reduce operating costs. The Harris EHD System provides this balance in increased speed and power while significantly reducing the amount of energy needed to operate the machine.

A Perfect Fit

The comprehensive line of Harris two ram balers ensures that you will find the perfect model baler, at the right price, for your specific operation. Our people are determined to get the total solution for your facility’s needs and materials you process.

On Demand Diagnostics

All Harris two ram balers come with remote diagnostic capabilities which allow on demand access to your machines vital information by you or by Harris certified technicians on request.

Cat3 Safety SystemConstant, Vigilant Safety

Harris two rams are equipped with a CAT3 safety system with dual redundancy on all safety related components. We take no chances and constantly monitor all systems for safety status.